Minibus Transfers for you and your guests


Let us take the worry out of getting your family and friends to and from the church and then maybe onto the wedding reception afterwards. We can give you the comfort of knowing all your guests will arrive together and in a relaxed mood ready to help you celebrate your wedding day.

Since 2001 when we set out, our most rewarding work has been working with the Bride (and sometimes the Groom) to make her big day go without any hitches.

We have found that the modern marriage requires the flexibility of multiple smaller vehicles as things have changed over the years. It used to be the case that most couples would be from the same area and would get married in the local Church with the reception at the Village Hall or local hotel within walking distance from the Church with local guests arriving in local taxis.
Now we have Civil Ceremony’s and many couples come from different ends of the country if not different countries. It means that the wedding venue and the reception are quite often miles from each other and the guests are arriving from all over the country having to stay in local Hotels and B&Bs.

At Salisbury Minibuses, we have provided transport for hundreds of weddings in our area and have a good knowledge of every Wedding Venue, Hotel and B&B. We are able to provide as many vehicles as required normally at a far cheaper rate than a larger Coach Company would charge. We can tailor our service to your requirements and can be entirely flexible to try and keep the costs down for you. If for instance if you were to hire 4 vehicles to bring your guests to the ceremony venue and the reception was not far away, we would only leave one vehicle to shuttle guests from the venue to the reception. We have found that usually the photo’s after the ceremony take between 45-60 minutes so once the guests have left the venue we start to move them to the reception whilst the photos are being taken leaving close family members, Bridesmaids and Ushers who will be required for the photos till last, with them leaving just before the Bridal car so everybody is in place to greet the newly married couple.

Again at the end of the evening we can be flexible to cater for everyone as not all guests can make it to the last dance. We have found that your average wedding can spread over a 12 hour period as usually they take place around 1- 2 pm then the reception goes on into the following morning. Usually elder guests and guests with young children do not last the course so we can provide one vehicle at say 22.00 to take those guests home earlier. That vehicle will then return and do as many journeys as possible or required until the reception finishes. That vehicle will be charged at an hourly rate and as some guests will have gone home you will no longer need the four vehicles you hired at the beginning of the day, you may only need one more to meet the vehicle that is already there to clear the venue. This means the money saved only hiring two vehicle’s at the end of the evening rather than four, pays for the hourly rate of the vehicle that has been there on call to your guests for the previous two or three hours. It is always appreciated by the guests and reflects well on the couple as they have obviously thought about their guests needs.

Another benefit of our service is that many venues are not user friendly for large coaches. Some of the local Village Churches are idyllic for a wedding, but hundreds of years ago when they were built, access for coaches was not a factor taken into consideration. Again some of the Civil Ceremony venues such as Old Wardour Castle are not coach friendly due to their location. Receptions held in Marquees are usually served by temporary car parks in a nearby field or down a lane. If it should rain on the day Coaches would not attempt to get close to the Marquee in case they get stuck leaving your guests to trudge through the mud to the Coach. As our buses are smaller and lighter we rarely have those problems.

The above are just some of the benefits of using our service. Our helpful office staff will be happy to discuss and arrange a bespoke package for your big day.

Our service covers: Salisbury – Andover – Stockbridge – Winchester — Warminster — Shaftsbury